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Hinu korowai | Custom facial oil

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This is our most popular product, and the one that everyone comes for!

That is because our custom facial oils are blended specifically for you and your needs, keeping four things in mind - your tinana (body), hinengaro (mind), wairua (spirit) & whanau (family). They are:

  • 100% natural oils
  • Cruelty free and filler free
  • Vegan
  • Customised and personalised
  • Handmade and embracing rongoā māori
  • Blended to the maramataka (moon phases)
  • Imbued with mauri (life force), aroha (love) and healing intent

The custom blend focuses in on your skin goals, mental wellness goals and a wairua (spiritual) reading, so will require a quiz to be filled out.

Every blend is unique to an individual, however, key rongoā māori (native plants) used are kawakawa, kanuka, and manuka, as well as the non-native plants of calendula, chamomile, and lavender.

Every blend will come with information on the unique formulation and its healing intent, instructions for use, and three wairua meditation cards based on your wairua reading.


Kanuka | kunzea ericoides | white tea tree - a rongoā rākau (native plant) known to be antimicrobial and healing, as well as calming and relaxing, to the mind. From a wairua (spiritual) perspective, Māori believe it has the ability for regeneration and restored inner vitality & strength, and help with spontaneity and self-expression. 

Kawakawa | macropiper excelsum - a rongoā rākau (native plant) that is said to soothe skin and help reduce inflammation due to its antimicrobial and analgesic properties. From a wairua (spiritual) perspective, Māori believe it gives strength to move forward fearlessly & have faith. 

Manuka | leptospermum scoparium| kahikatoa | tea tree - a rongoā rākau (native plant) said to soothe body and soul through its purification, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. From a wairua (spiritual) perspective, Māori believe it supports self-regeneration, metamorphosis, being in touch with your own power, and depth of inner experience. 


MindKai is best applied post shower or after wiping your face with a hot face cloth to open your pores. 

Take two to three droplets of MindKai (a little goes a long way!) and massage over your face.

While doing, practice mindfulness by reflecting on your day & letting go of the negative.


Store in a cool area away from sunlight. 

MindKai is 100% natural, and as such has no preservatives. That is why we recommend using your product within six months of receiving.

tupato | CAUTION

MindKai is for external use only. Desist use if skin irritation occurs. Keep away from eyes.

We also recommend to avoid using during the first trimester of pregnancy due to the essential oils within the blend.

Avoid pressing too hard or scrubbing skin on application, as this can lead to irritation and breakout.