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Tākohu pure | Cleansing spray

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Purify yourself in a shroud of healing mist.

Dissolve your negative energy, purify your space, protect your aura and bring clarity with this revitalising cleansing mist which is great for self or a yoga mat.

This is a unique blend of essential oils and rongoā māori wairakau (hydrosol) which comes with a wairua reading.


kinaki | ingredients

Manuka hydrosol | leptospermum scorparium | tea tree - anti-bacterial, anti- fungal, anti-viral.

Sweet orange essential oil | citrus sinensis | fresh note -  an uplifting and calming nature, that creates a warm and relaxing environment.

Clove essential oil | syzygium aromaticum | oriental notes - purifies the space you are in, penetrates and stimulates to lift and sharpen mental space.

Manuka essential oil | leptospermum scorparium | tea tree - soothing to the mind to help calm and centre, encourages expansiveness and vitality, antimicrobial.

Lavender essential oil | lavenadula angustifolia | floral notes - calms nervous tension and promotes a calm and gentle atmosphere, antiseptic.

Cinnamon essential oil | cinnamomum zeylanicum | oriental notes - boosts vitality, promotes wellbeing, protective, antiseptic.

Eucalyptus essential oil | eucalyptus globulus | fresh note - refreshes and clears the mind, aids concentration and focus, balances mood, purifies and protects.


For self - before use, shake the bottle well to mix the oils. Then, find a quiet space and practice mindfulness by reflecting on your day & letting go of the negative. 

Breath deeply, slowly and with intent. Hā ki roto, hā ki waho - whilst spritzing your pure spray across your self. 

Finish by setting your intention.

For the yoga mat - spritz your mat with a few sprays and wipe down with a cloth. This is a fantastic way to whakanoa your practice space and set with positive energy.

whakanoa - remove or clear tapu/restrictions


Store in a cool area away from sunlight. 

MindKai is 100% natural, and as such has no preservatives. That is why we recommend using your product within six months of receiving.

tupato | CAUTION

MindKai is for external use only. Desist use if skin irritation occurs. Keep away from eyes.

We also recommend to avoid using during the first trimester of pregnancy due to the essential oils within the blend.

Avoid pressing too hard or scrubbing skin on application, as this can lead to irritation and breakout.