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Kawakawa rau | leaves

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Made with wild harvested kawakawa rau (leaf) following tikanga Māori (Māori customs) to ensure it is infused with the greatest benefit to its recipient.

Kawakawa is a very sacred rongoā rākau (native plant) which is believed to have whakapapa (geneology) straight to Io themselves (Io being the supreme atua or entity in te ao Māori). As such, it is said that kawakawa possesses the healing powers of all of the rongoā rākau in Aotearoa, which places it as having the most potent potential of them all in rongoā Māori.

Kawakawa is said to be very cleansing to the kidneys and blood, ensuring your body can continue to operate optimally.  It is also thought to be a digestive aid that calms the gut,  increases circulation, warms the extremities, cleanses the skin, and promotes vitality. From a wairua (spiritual) perspective, Māori believe it gives strength to move forward fearlessly & have faith.

When used in a tea, it has an earthy, peppery taste, and a refreshing and uplifting effect said to improve energy and overall health.

Great also in the bath to soften skin and support skin health.


This can only be shipped to those in Aotearoa New Zealand as the kit contains dried botanicals unable to be shipped internationally.

kinaki | ingredients

100 % Kawakawa rau (leaves), (macropiper excelsum)


Infuse one teaspoon of the rau in freshly boiled water for five minutes or longer. It can also be steeped with a little ginger, lemon, honey, mint or green tea for extra flavour.

Drink up to 1 to 3 cups daily.

tupato | caution

Consult your healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medication.

Keep out of reach of tamariki (children).

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