MindKai Talks | Ep.2: Reclaiming reo

MindKai Talks | Ep.2: Reclaiming reo

So, a stink thing happened at mahi the other month.

One Māori, took another Māori down on their journey to reclaim their reo... and it was soul-destroying for me. In fact, it traumatised me for weeks after!

I'd like to think this was an isolated event in my own world, but I have come to learn this isn't the case and it is quite the common experience for many Māōri. So why is it that we are so hell bent on bring our people down verse raising them up?

Join me as I explore my own experiences on my journey to reclaim reo Māori, and also discuss ideas such as lateral violence, Māori elitism, fragility in the learning experience and the need to build resilience, imposter syndrome and all that 'good stuff'. (All whilst saying 'absolutely' and 'um' way too many times than necessary! Haha!).

Māori kupu (Māori words) used:

Te Ao Māori - the Māori world | wananga - learning space | Mahi - work | whakaaro - thinking | korero - talk | mātauranga - knowledge | kupu hau - new word | whānau - family | rongoā Māori - traditional Māori medicine | rau - leaves | te reo Māori - the Māori language

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