Haputanga the Māori way

Haputanga the Māori way


One big patai I had when I fell hapu was how do I embrace more of te ao Māori in this experience.

It was through the help and guidance of many rongoā Māori practitioners that I was able to download some of the many tikanga and ways and knowing to achieve that.

I of course was hapu during the 2020 lockdown period - so one wahine that would really tautoko me through online wananga was the beautiful Joanne Teina (Rama).

This podcast is your own wananga in haputanga - there will be little nuggets of gold that you will pull from this korero, not only about having a pepi and the small things you can do to reindigenise this process, but also around how we deal with past trauma's blocking whakapapa lines, baby loss, inequity in the health system and much more.

This lady was a light for me, I hope this korero makes her one for you as well.

Warning - a couple of sensitive topics raised around drugs, baby loss and family violence, as well as 'f bombs' being dropped!
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